Parallel Session


November 24th, 2017

Data Mining


Venue : Arjuna Hall


[ABS-195] WEB Based Real Time Monitoring Electrical Quantities Measurement

Dikpride Despa, Gigih F. Nama, Meizano A Muhammad, K. Anwar

[Abs-47] A Algorithm Hybrid Model Of Bayesian For Detection Performance In Unhealthy Lifestyle



[ABS-51] Implementation Of Naive Bayes Classifier Algorithm On Social Media (Twitter) To The Teaching Of Indonesian Hate Speech

Naufal Riza Fatahillah, Pulut Suryati, Cosmas Haryawan

[ABS-73] Modeling Backpropagation Neural Network for Rainfall Prediction in Tengger East Java

Ida Wahyuni, Nakhel Rifki Adam, Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy, Atiek Iriany

[ABS-106] Finding Similar Clustering Pattern Between Students Academic Performance And Non-Curricular Activities Data

Nur Ayuni Ramadhani, Utomo Pujianto



November 24th, 2017

e-Healthcare, e-Learning, e-Manufacturing, e-Commerce


Venue : Panderman 2


[ABS-19] Determinants Of E-Commerce Service Quality, Recovery Service Quality, And Satisfaction In Indonesia

Hendra, Ginting, Rini, Sembiring


[ABS-34] The Analysis Of Consumers Intention Model For Using E-Payment System In Indonesia

Sfenrianto, Junadi, Melva Hermayanty Saragih


[ABS-50] An implementation of Delay-Disruption Tolerant Networking Approach in E-learning, Case Study:

Eko Sakti Pramukantoro, Rakhmadhany Primananda

[ABS-71] Design of E-Commerce Chat Robot for Automatically Answering Customer Question

Adhitya Bhawiyuga, Moch. Ali Fauzi, Eko Sakti Pramukantoro, Widhi Yahya

[ABS-74] Reliability Testing Using Hybrid Exploratory Basis Of Tour And Fuzzy Inference System Tsukamoto

Titis Sari Putri, Fatwa Ramdani



November 24th, 2017

Image processing and pattern recognition


Venue : Anjasmoro


[ABS-15] Android Based Application for Recognition of Indonesian Restaurant Menus Using Convolution Neural Network

Windra Swastika, Yoko, Hendry Setiawan, Mochamad Subianto

[ABS-29] Chicken Meat Freshness Identification using the Histogram Color Feature

Rosa Andrie Asmara, Faisal Rahutomo, Qonitatul Hasanah

[ABS-36] Colour Image Segmentation For Malaria Parasites Detection Using Cascading Method

Yonathan Ferry Hendrawan, Cucun Very Angkoso, Rima Tri Wahyuningrum

[ABS-53] Deep Belief Network Optimization in Speech Recognition

Murman Dwi Prasetio, Tomohiro Hayashida, Ichiro Nishizaki, Shinya Sekizaki

[ABS-60] Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation Using Multi-Scale Line Operator and K-Means for Data Preprocessing

Winda Cahyaningrum, Randy Cahya Wihandika, Agus Wahyu Widodo


November 25th, 2017

Decision Support System


Venue : Panderman 1

[ABS-43] A Dual Dynamic Migration Policy for Island Model Genetic Algorithm

Alfian Akbar Gozali, Shigeru Fujimura


[ABS-30] Development of an Adaptive interval value fuzzy number based on MCGDM model by Hybrid AHP and TOPSIS methods

Yeni Kustiyahningsih


[ABS-37] Modified Genetic Algorithm for High School Time-Table Scheduling with Fuzzy Time Window

Ruth Ema Febrita, Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy


[ABS-192] Heuristic Evaluation and ISO 9126 in Implementation of Decision Support Sytem for Selection of Outstanding Marketing Officer BRI Katamso Yogyakarta

Ripto Mukti Wibowo, Adhistya Erna Permanasari, Indriana Hidayah

[ABS-57] An Initial Framework of Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm (EA) with Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM): Plant Forecasting

Januardi Nasir, Azizul Azhar Bin Ramli



November 25th, 2017

Decision Support System


Venue : Mantra


[ABS-79] On The Usage of Hybrid 1-D Convolutional Network and Long- Short-Term- Memory Network for Multiple-Site Fatigue Damage Prediction on Aircraft Lap Joints

Muhammad Ihsan Mas, Timotius Devin, Lintang Adyuta Sutawika, Mohamad Ivan Fanany

[ABS-90] Multiplication of V and Cb Color Channel Using Otsu Thresholding for Tomato Maturity Clustering

Yuita Arum Sari, Sigit Adinugroho, Putra Pandu Adikara, Abidatul Izzah

[ABS-100] Feature Selection With Genetic Algorithm For Alcoholic Detection Using Electroencephalography

Rivaldy Septyasurya, Indah A. Siradjuddin, and Arif Muntasa

[ABS-114] Automatic Arrhythmia Identification Based on Electrocardiogram Data Using Hybrid of Support Vector Machine and Genetic Algorithm

Reiza Adi Cahya, Candra Dewi, Bayu Rahayudi


[ABS-121] A Review Paper on Attendance Marking System based on Face Recognition

Khem Puthea, Rudy Hartanto and Risanuri Hidayat


November 25th, 2017

Information retrieval


Venue : Anjasmoro


[ABS-22] Tourism Destination Rating System Based on Social Media Analysis (Proposal and dataset development)

Diana Mayangsari Ramadhani, Faisal Rahutomo, Cahya Rahmad

[ABS-85] Focused Web Crawler for Indonesian Recipe

Gusti Ahmad Fanshuri Alfarisy and Fitra A. Bachtiar

[ABS-97] Improving Classification Performance Of Public Complaints With Tf-Igm Weighting

Fakhris Khusnu Reza Mahfud, Aris Tjahyanto


[ABS-99] Increased Information Retrieval Capabilities on e-Commerce Websites using Scrapping Techniques

Deborah Kurniawati, Deny Triawan


[ABS-193] Clusster Testing for Music Genre Based On Active Frequency Using K-Means Method

M. Syahrul Munir, Hardianto Wibowo



November 25th, 2017

e-Healthcare, e-Learning, e-Manufacturing, e-Commerce


Venue : Executive Lounge


[ABS-144] The Acceptance of E-Payment among Indonesian Millennials

Bayu Kelana, Anggar Riskinanto, Deliar Rifda Hilmawan

[ABS-145] E-Learning Readiness Measurement on Indonesian Student from Individual Perspective

Annisa Syatitah Muharina, Bayu Kelana


[ABS-146] Tahani Model of Fuzzy Database for an Adaptive Metacognitive Scaffolding in Hypermedia Learning Environment (Case: Algorithm and Structure Data Course)

Akhsin Nurlayli, Teguh Bharata Adji, Adhistya Erna Permanasari, Indriana Hidayah

[ABS-169] SPOC Adoption in Accounting Course among Indonesian Undergraduate Students

Anggar Riskinanto, Bayu Kelana, Indah Navidah Hayati


November 25th, 2017

Software Engineering


Venue : Arjuna Hall


[ABS-96] Implementation Of Mobile-Based Monitoring Sales System In Semi Tani Shop

Hendrik Setyo Utomo, Rabbini Sayyidati, Oky Rahmanto

[ABS-110] Pioneering the Automation of Internal Quality Assurance System of Higher Education (IQAS-HE) Using DevOps Approach

Acep Taryana, Iwan Setiawan, Eko Bayu, Ari Fadli

[ABS-113] The Use Of Curve Wizard Method For Generating Rough Surface In Cad Model And Data Transfering Analysis In Cae Model

Kartini, G.A. Sipayung, R.R.S. Wicaksono, E. Saputra, R. Ismail, J. Jamari, A.P. Bayuseno

[ABS-132] A Comparative Study Of File Type Selection During Data Transfer Of Homogen Rough Surface From Cad Model To Cae Model

G.A. Sipayung, R. Ismail, Kartini, E. Saputra, J. Jamari, A.P. Bayuseno

[ABS-176] Developing Food Sensory Test System with Preference Test (Hedonic and Hedonic Quality)

Prawidya Destarianto, Hendra Yufit Riskiawan, Khafidurrohman Agustianto, Syamsiar Kautsar


November 25th, 2017

Natural Language Processing


Venue : Panderman 1


[ABS-25] Road Traffic Topic Modeling on Twitter using Latent Dirichlet Allocation

Ahmad Fathan Hidayatullah, Muhammad Rifqi Maarif

[ABS-127] Classification Method Comparison on Indonesian Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Tirana Noor Fatyanosa, Fitra A. Bachtiar


[ABS-153] Time Series Neural Network Model for Part-of-Speech Tagging Indonesian Language

Theo Tanadi



November 25th, 2017

Data Mining


Venue : Panderman 2


[ABS-109] Comparison Of Illiteracy Cluster Pattern And Population Data Using Fuzzy C-Means.

Nimatul Rochmaniyah, Utomo Pujianto


[ABS-111] Non-Linear Modelling of Variables Relationship in Multiple Time-Series Data with Extended Dynamic Interaction Network

Harya Widiputra, Elliana Gautama, Marsudi Kisworo

[ABS-122] Optimization Fuzzy Neural Network with Simulated Annealing on Jatropha Curcas Plant Disease Identification

Diny Melsye Nurul Fajri, Triando Hamonangan Saragih, Andi Hamdianah

[ABS-123] Jatropha Curcas Disease Identification Using Fuzzy Neural Network

Triando Hamonangan Saragih, Diny Melsye Nurul Fajri, Andi Hamdianah

[ABS-130] Gold Price Movement Forecasting using Hybrid FIS-ES

Andreas Nugroho Sihananto, Fitra A. Bachtiar



November 25th, 2017

Image Processing and Pattern Recognition


Venue : Mantra


[ABS-134] Indonesian Food Items Labeling for Tourism Information Using Convolution Neural Network

Renaldi Primaswara Prasetya, Fitra A. Bachtiar


[ABS-150] Improving Performance Batik Image Classification based on Bag of Visual Word using Ensemble Classifier

Mulaab, Achmad Jauhari


[ABS-156] Arabic Letter Segmentation using Modified Connected Component Labeling

Fakhry Ikhsan Firdaus, Achmad Khumaini, Fitri Utaminingrum

[ABS-161] Smoker's Detection System based Tongue Reflectance Analysis in Hyperspectral Imaging

Iqbal Fachrizal, Bramma Kiswanjaya, Adhi Harmoko Saputro

[ABS-164] Text Detection and Recognition using Multiple Phase Method On Various Product Label for Visual Impaired People

Rizdania, Fitri Utaminingrum



November 25th, 2017

Smart System


Venue : Anjasmoro


[ABS-185] Internet-Based Monitoring and Protection on PV Smart Grid System

Sholeh Hadi Pramono, Eka Maulana, Sapriesty Nainy Sari

[ABS-143] IoT based Electrical Energy Consumption Monitoring System Protoype : Case Study in G4 Building Universitas Negeri Malang

Dyah Lestari, Irawan Dwi Wahyono, Irham Fadlika

[ABS-102] Data Gathering in Rural Area using Publish/Subscribe over Wireless Mesh Network

Eko Sakti Pramukantoro, Kasyful Amron, Hanif Kuncahyo Adi


November 25th, 2017

Smart City and e-Government


Venue : Executive Lounge


[ABS-17] Environmental Electronic Governance (EEG) In Indonesia: Its Current Conditions, Challenges, And Obstacles

Teguh Kurniawan


[ABS-83] Systematic Review of Critical Success Factors of E-Government: Definition and Improvement

Ruci Meiyanti, Muhammad Mishbah, Darmawan Napitupulu, Dana Indra Sensuse, Yudho Giri Sucahyo

[ABS-84] Influential Variables of Behavioral Intention to Use E-Government Services in Indonesia Using The Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology 2 Model

Ruci Meiyanti, Deki Satria, Dana Indra Sensuse


[ABS-31] Evaluation of Information Technology Implementation on Business Goal Improve And Maintain Business Process Functionality at Economic Development Group East Java Representative Office

Awalludiyah Ambarwati, Ariinta Deraya Ratulangi

[ABS-82] A Systematic Review of Conceptual Frameworks of Smart City Initiative

Ruci Meiyanti, Dana Indra Sensuse



November 25th, 2017

Information Technology


Venue : Arjuna Hall


[ABS-89] User Experience Measurement On Virtual Dressing Room Of Madura Batik Clothes

Ari Kusumaningsih, Arik Kurniawati, Cucun Very Angkoso, Eko Mulyanto Yuniarno, Mochammad Hariadi

[ABS-16] Garbage Transportation Route Basedon Vehicle Capacity and Container Condition in Central Surabaya

Ricky Setiawan Hartanto, Edwin Hendrawan


[ABS-48] Persuasiveness Web 2.0 in Behavioral Intention: A Conceptual Model

Yohana Dewi Lulu Widyasari, Lukito Edi Nugroho, Adhistya Erna Permanasari

[ABS-72] Location Determination Of City Transport Shelter Based On The Prediction Of Passenger Ocupancy On Route Optimization System (Studi Case : City Transport In Bandung)

Sri Suryani Prasetiyowati, Yuliant Sibaroni, Mahmud Imrona

[ABS-1] Performance Testing Analysis on Web Application: Study Case Student Admission Web System

Mayang Anglingsari Putri, Hilman Nuril Hadi, Fatwa Ramdani


November 25th, 2017

Conceptual Modeling, Languages and Design


Venue : Panderman 1


[ABS-120] A Knowledge Base Repository Model for Multiple Domain Problem of Distributed Expert System Sevices

Istiadi, Emma Budi Sulistiarini, Dedy Usman Effendi, Rudy Joegijantoro

[ABS-152] Integrated Social Media Knowledge Capture Model in Medical Domain of Indonesia

Farrell Yodihartomo, Dicky Prima Satya


Novita, Agnes I.S., Faried, Isnin


[ABS-105] Positive Impact of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation to Improving The Services of Animal Polyclinics Customers

Edy Prayitno, Novita Amylia Astuti



November 25th, 2017

Data Mining


Venue : Panderman 2


[ABS-137] The Performance of Genetic Algorithm Learning Vector Quantization 2 Neural Network on Identication of The Types of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Brillian Aristyo Rahadian, Candra Dewi, Bayu Rahayudi


[ABS-170] Classification of Provinces Based on Schools Dropout Rate using C4.5 Algorithm

Annas Gading Pertiwi, Triyanna Widyaningtyas, Utomo Pujianto

[ABS-194] Decision Tree to Analyze the Cardiotocogram Data for Fetal Distress Determination

Adhistya Erna Permanasari, Akhsin Nurlayli


[ABS-129] Drought Forecasting Using ANFIS on Tuban Regency, Indonesia

Andreas Nugroho Sihananto, M. Shochibul Burhan, Arief Andy Soebroto, Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy, Fatwa Ramdani, Ahmad Luthfi, Hartanto

[ABS-197] Tide Level Forecast Using Grammatical Evolution

Nerfita Nikentari, Nola Ritha, Lidya Wati



November 25th, 2017

Image Processing and Pattern Recognition


Venue : Mantra


[ABS-171] Prediction of Soluble Solid Contents Mapping on Averrhoa Carambola using Hyperspectral Imaging

Maisyarah Yuniar Rangkuti, Cuk Imawan, and Adhi Harmoko Saputro

[ABS-172] Prediction System of Bruising Depth of Guava using Visual-NIR Imaging

Ida Ratna Nila, Cuk Imawan, and Adhi Harmoko Saputro

[ABS-175] Prediction of Paddy Field Area based on Aerial Photography using Multispectral Camera

Prasepvianto Estu Broto, Adhi Harmoko Saputro, Dony Kushardono

[ABS-7] Post-processing and Band Selection for Hyperspectral Image Data Classification with AdaBoost.MH

Desta Sandya Prasvita



November 25th, 2017

Smart System


Venue : Anjasmoro


[ABS-184] Effect of Rotational Speed Spin Coating on pH Sensor Performance Based Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)

Eka Maulana, Onny Setyawati, Novvy Nurdiana Dewi

[ABS-33] Optimization of Fulfillment Nutritional Needs of Toddlers using PSO Algorithm with Flexible Budgeting

Leni Istikomah, Imam Cholissodin, Marji


[ABS-8] The Recognition of Mango Varieties Based on The Leaves Shape and Texture Using Backpropagation Neural Network Method

Fathorazi Nur Fajri, Nur Hamid, Ricardus Anggi Pramunendar


[ABS-42] Implementation of Semantic System In The Smart Home Lights Device Based On Agent

Agung Prasetio, Sabriansyah Rizqika Akbar, Bayu Priyambadha

[ABS-44] Message Queue Telemetry Transport Protocols Implementation for Wireless Sensor Networks Communication - A Performance Review

Sabriansyah Rizqika Akbar, Kasyful Amron, Harry Mulya, Sofi Hanifah


November 25th, 2017

Computer Engineering and Robotics


Venue : Executive Lounge


[ABS-9] Optimizing Single Low-End LAMP Server Using NGINX Reverse Proxy Caching

Mahendra Data, Muhammad Luthfi, Widhi Yahya


[ABS-52] Design and Implementation 8 bit CPU Architecture on Logisims For Undergraduate Learning Support

Mochammad Hannats Hanafi Ichsan, Wijaya Kurniawan

[ABS-28] Performance Analysis of A* Algorithm to Determine Shortest Path of Fire Fighting Robot

Akhmad Alfan Hidayatullah, Anik Nur Handani, Muhammad Jauharul Fuady

[ABS-151] A Control Scheme for Typist Robot using Artificial Neural Network

Wahyu K. Dewanto, Syamsiar Kautsar, Khafidurrahman Agustianto

[ABS-196] Numerical Analysis and Design of Inverted L Antenna for UHF TV receiver Application

Chandrasena Setiadi, Erfan Rohadi, Moechammad Sarosa, Isa Mahfudi


November 25th, 2017

Media, Game and Mobile Technologies


Venue : Arjuna Hall


[ABS-59] Mobile App for Stock Prediction Using Improved Multiple Linear Regression

Abidatul Izzah, Yuita Arum Sari, Ratna Widyastuti


[ABS-101] Metamorphosys Edugame Using 2048 Game Rules

Arik Kurniawati, Fahrur Rozi, Yonathan Ferry Hendrawan

[ABS-136] Optimized Walking Straight Guidance System for Visually Impaired Person That Use Android Smartphone

Rosa Andrie Asmara, Fais Al Huda, Cahya Rahmad,  Banni Satria Andoko

[ABS-155] Design of Public Transportation Navigation System on Android Wear Device

Komang Candra Brata, Aryo Pinandito, Mahardeka Tri Ananta

[ABS-178] Analysis of Web Content Delivery Effectiveness and Efficiency in Responsive Web Design Using Material Design Guidelines and User Centered Design

Aryo Pinandito, Hanifah Muslimah Az-zahra, Lutfi Fanani, Anggi Valeria Putri


November 24th, 2017

Conceptual Modeling, Languages and Design


Venue : Arjuna Hall


[ABS-13] Sentiment Analysis of Customer Engagement on Social Media in Transport Online

Melva Hermayanty Saragih, Abba Suganda Girsang


[ABS-147] Business Intelligence for Physical Examination Platform Service Reporting System

Abba Suganda Girsang, Sani Muhamad Isa, Aditya, Arie Purnama, Christopher Aryaguna, Evans Andita Sukmana, and Ferico Samuel

[ABS-148] Data Warehouse Development for Hotel Reservation system

Abba Suganda Girsang, Sani Muhamad Isa, Bambang Susilo, MaxLian, Danang Satya, Salman Al Fariz, Dudi Ramdani

[ABS-117] New And Renewable Energy : A Review And Perspectives

Deria Pravitasari, Sapto Nisworo


[ABS-118] Potential of Irrigation Channels as New Renewable Energy Sources

Sapto Nisworo, Deria Pravitasari



Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline August 25, 2017 September 7, 2017

Notification of Abstract Acceptance September 08, 2017 September 15, 2017

Full paper Submission Deadline September 22, 2017 September 29, 2017

Notification of Paper Acceptance October 24, 2017 October 13, 2017

Camera Ready & Payment deadline November 17, 2017

Conference Date November 24, 2017