One Day Tour Event

We offer one-day tour package to our conference participants on September 30, 2019. We enjoy this tour together with other conference participants by bus or mini bus. Here is a list of tourist attractions that will be visited on Lombok:
  1. Pura Batu Bolong
    Pura Batu Bolong (Batu Bolong Temple) is located in the Senggigi Beach area, precisely on Jl Raya Senggigi Km 4th, Lombok. This temple is located right on the beach and rocks that has similarities as in Tanah Lot, Bali. The rocks that are arranged in this temple are believed to be the former eruption of Mount Rinjani. The name of Batu Bolong is derived from the Indonesian words, “Batu” means stone and “Bolong” means hole that represents the shape of the temple. The sound of the wind and sea whistling through the large hole below the site gives the area a different atmosphere and made it ideal for a temple. Batu Bolong Temple is still an active place of Hindu worship, so remember to wrap ourself modestly in a sarong or sash.

  2. Desa Sade
    Lombok is also rich in cultural heritage besides beach tourism. The Sasak Tribe who are the majority inhabitant of Lombok has a lovely culture and maintain its authenticity that can be seen in Sasak Sade Village. The Traditional Sasak Sade Village is located in Pujut, Central Lombok, besides of Kuta – Praya main road. The houses here are made from bamboo and thatched roof called “Bale Tani”, making it a unique spectacle. The livelihood of Sade's men is farming in general, but because it has been developed into a tourist village, some men become tour guides for this village. Sade Village is also famous for ikat weaving and handicrafts called Songket from the women in this village. The next thing that can be enjoyed by tourist in Sade Village is watching traditional Lombok attractions. For example, a beautiful dance is often performed called “Cupak Gerantang”. As an alternative, tourists can also enjoy “Tari Presean”. Local residents even have traditional musical instruments called “Gendang Beleq”.

  3. Pantai Kuta Mandalika
    Kuta is a coastal city in the south of the island of Lombok in Indonesia. The scenery is spectacular, with cliffs and mountains reaching the beach to create scenery and jagged and amazing scenery. Beaches are some of the best in Indonesia, with clean white sand and transparent blue green in water facing the glistening Indian Ocean. Mandalika is a special tourism economic zone. Extensive development is happening right now with several luxury hotels being built and also will have a world class racing circuit that will host MotoGP race.  Just like the popular its namesake Kuta Beach in Bali, Lombok’s Kuta is also a heaven for surfers but with much less people. The landscape is much more diverse, though, with cliffs and hills. As of now, the area in Kuta Beach is literally unspoiled with little to no improvement. If you love untouched natural beach with excellent waves for surfing, this is the most ideal place for you.

  4. Tanjung Aan
    Tanjung is word in Indonesian language that means cape. Tanjung Aan is located about 3 km close from Kuta Mandalika beach. This beach is the birthplace of the legendary princess Mandalika. The beach is facing the Indian Ocean with about 2 km stretched coastline which is a form of cape. One thing that you will directly notice when you hit out feet on Tanjung Aan Beach is the sand. Unlike other Lombok beaches, the sand of this beach is like a pepper. Besides sand, this beach also has clear turquoise water, palm trees, and sun beds. This beach is perfect for those who are looking for the perfect beach for swimming or snorkeling because the waves are smooth with medium altitude and the depth of the water is quite shallow. Tanjung Aan is surrounded by several hills and tourist can easily hike the surrounding hills, so it will look more exotic viewing the scenery around the Tanjung Aan.


Important Dates

Full Paper Submission Deadline June 07 June 21 July 12, 2019

Notification of Acceptance August 02, 2019

Camera Ready Paper Submission August 30, 2019

Early bird Registration Deadline August 16, 2019

Regular Registration Deadline September 06, 2019

SIET Main Event September 28-30, 2019

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